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Sewer Repairs for Homes & Offices
in San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Orange County

Sewer back-ups are one of the most annoying problems that can happen to any property. However, United Property Services Plumbing fixes the problem immediately with our sewer repairs. Our team will take care of your sewer problem completely, allowing any house, mobile home, and restaurant to go back to normal.

Our sewer repair services include more than just fixing the current back-up. You can trust us to keep your property safe and clean through our comprehensive sewer services. We locate your property’s sewer line, perform video inspections of the sewer, and hydro jetting as preventive maintenance for your line. We also will make sure your sewer is set up and maintained properly, our team will prevent future backups and pipe bursts from happening.

Our Services - Sewer United Property Services

While we can replace sewer pipes that are completely broken, we also offer sewer pipelining for cracked pipes. This process allows us to repair the sewer leak without having to replace the pipe, saving you time and money. We also have the capability to do trenchless piping, which is less intrusive and more convenient.

Expert, Prompt, and Guaranteed Drain Cleaning Service

Few sewer problems are as common and frustrating for property owners as a clogged drain. The sewer repair services of United Property Services Plumbing include a thorough drain cleaning to undo clogs and ensure a smooth flow.

For most property owners, cleaning a drain is enough to remove any clog and allow wastewater to flow into the sewer. However, some clogs can damage the drains – sometimes beyond repair. We expertly repair the drains that can remain useful and replace any drains damaged beyond repair. We can clean, repair, and replace drains as soon as a clog is discovered, so you do not have to wait to call us for any plumbing emergencies.

United Property Services Plumbing keeps every property free of sewage issues. For all your emergency sewage issues, call our team.

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