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Protect Your Property and Guests: Gas Leak Detector Services in San Bernardino County & Riverside County

Gas leaks are a threat to any property owner or resident, from the homeowner to the mobile home property owner to the restaurateur working their own kitchen. If you suspect a gas leak or need regular checkups to prevent a leak, call United Property Services Plumbing now. Our gas leak detection and repair services are available to any property owner in San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange County.

The experts at United Property Services Plumbing can detect any gas leak, including underground leaks. Unlike our competitors, our specialized tools can detect leaks through concrete, asphalt, and dirt, no dangerous digging required. We also employ pressure testing and pipe tracing to confirm our results, allowing us to know how severe the leak is and the exact location of the leak.

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From Detection to Protection: Gas Line Repairs in San Bernardino, Orange & Riverside Counties

After we are done with our gas leak detectors, United Property Services Plumbing immediately sets to work repairing the leak. We can do a full gas line repair throughout any property, up to an including complete gas line replacements.

However, not every gas line repair involves a full replacement. If a line is split or cracked in half, we can utilize a minimally invasive PE (polyethylene) pipe bursting technique. This process allows us to insert a new pipe into the old, damaged one, completely sealing the leak. PE pipe bursting requires less labor and resources, allowing us to pass the savings onto you.

Additionally, United Property Services Plumbing works to prevent gas leaks from occurring. Part of our property services include installing new gas lines. If you are thinking about installing a gas-powered barbecue pit or pool heater to any of the homes you own, let us know first. We make sure all the lines are installed correctly the first time.

If you want a property service team that finds, fixes, and prevents any gas leaks, you want United Property Services Plumbing. Call us today to get started.

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